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"3-Step 'Power Positioning' Framework For Closing Anyone Who is Closeable In Network Marketing...

...Without Coming Across As Pushy or "Salesy"!

"I Didn't Think This Was Possible For Me. This Has Changed The Trajectory And Way I Look At Life. My Confidence Has Shot Through The Roof And I Have Already Been Invited To Speak On Television To Share My Story. This Is Life Changing." - Lilian Musa

Does This Scenario Sound Familiar? 

You're in front of your prospect either in person, on the phone or on a zoom call.

The presentation just ended & it's time to ask for the sale...

Your heart's beating more rapidly than normal. 

Anxiety starts to creep up when thinking of what to say next. 

You take a deep breath and ask something like... 

"Are you ready to get started?" 

Your prospect looks at you and says: "I need to talk to my spouse. Let me get back to you."


"I don't know. I need to think about it." 

How Do You Feel When This Happens? 

  • Does your heart sink just a little? 
  • Do you feel frustrated knowing that you've got a great opportunity that could help your prospect in a huge way, but they're just not seeing it? 
  • Do you beat yourself up feeling like you're not able to step up as a powerful leader & coach someone to overcome their objection? 
It's bad enough when you lose the sale from your own prospects...

...but what's way worse is when you're helping people in your downline with their prospects & you lose those sales too. 

It made me feel like a lousy upline. 

What caused me to get ridiculously good at closing was the fact that I felt like - as the upline - I owed it to my team members to be a great leader and to help close their prospects...

...and that's exactly what I would tell you.

You Owe It to Your Team Members to Be A Great Leader Capable Of Helping Them Close More Prospects...

Now, nobody (no matter how good) can close everyone. 

...BUT what if you could close anyone who's closeable? 

How would it feel to have that level of skill & confidence? 

Do you think you'd show your opportunity to more people? 

Would you feel like a more powerful leader for your team when they introduce their prospects to you? 

When I mastered closing..

It made me feel like superman! So powerful because I knew exactly how to handle any objection that came up. 

That anxiety I used to feel...

Turned into a massive rush of adrenaline & excitement because I knew if they were closeable, I'd close the sale. 

That's why today, I want to share with you...

The First Step In The Closing Process That Took Me From Losing Sales After Sale...To Closing Like a Pro!

The first step in closing like a pro is using my 3-step 'Power Positioning' Framework. 

By using this framework...

You immediately put yourself in a position of authority and strength (...which are two requirements if you want to close any sales). 

Not only that..

You position yourself as a mentor with THEIR best interest at heart. 

After closing 1,000's of new customers & team members over the past 25 years...

This works. 

Click the button that says: "Yes, I Want The 'Power Positioning' Framework NOW!" below & I'll break it all down for you on the next page. 

Our Rock-Solid Guarantee

And you’d want to know the best thing about all this? If you go through the course, take action and DON’T find that this course doubles your closing rate, I’ll not just refund your order, I’ll send you back double what you paid as an apology for wasting your time.

I know it sounds crazy for me to offer such an insane deal, but that’s how utterly powerful this training is. It’s had a massive impact on my life and the lives of so many others Network Marketers out there (just take a look at all the testimonials at the bottom of this page to give you an idea).

So, click the button below right now to place your order and to get instant access to Living in Full Color (plus all the amazing bonuses).

Meet The Author

Former MLM Company Owner, 8-Figure Earner & CEO of NetworkMarketer.com

With over 25 years experience as a top network marketing trainer and leader, Matt has built sales organizations that have generated over 2,500,000 customers producing in excess of $2 billion in sales.

While Matt Morris has earned millions as an entrepreneur and helped many others do the same, his sense of accomplishment comes not from the money. Matt believes creating wealth is as simple as providing value in the lives of others. According to Matt, “It’s not the money that creates significance. It’s the person you have to become in order to be a millionaire that matters.”

Matt has a unique ability of giving attendees the specific skills they need to create tangible results while keeping them entertained with laughter, inspired to tears and left with a fire of determination that will continue burning long after the event is over.

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