Introducing Matt Morris's 7-Week Exclusive Millionaire Program

The Private Mentorship Where I, Matt Morris, Take You On A Transformational 7-Week Journey And Show You The EXACT  Skills To Earn 6-Figures In 12 Months With Network Marketing

...Skills My Top Students Are Able To Leverage For The Rest Of Their Lives

  EARNINGS / INCOME DISCLAIMER: The Millionaire School Program is one of Matt's most intensive programs. Every student within' this program is required to DO THE WORK & apply the principles into his / her own business. By no means will any student make ANY money if they were to do nothing after enrolling in the program. To be able to take Matt's teachings to make any income, you MUST put in the work. If you expect to make money without the work, you can stop reading here. 

Here's What Your 7 Week Intensive Mentorship With Me Looks Like:

Here's What Your 7 Week Intensive Mentorship With Me Looks Like:

  • Week 1: How To Dominate In Life And In Business With A 
    Millionaire Mindset
I've got news for you: Tactics don't work without the mental fortitude to apply them. Everything rises and falls based on leadership... if you can't powerfully lead yourself, you'll never be able to powerfully lead anyone else. 

Week #1 is all about you learning the secrets to inner leadership. Within these modules, you'll cultivate a millionaire mindset; stepping into your power to become a dominant force in your life and business.

After this portion of your mentorship, you'll have created a culture of growth, reprogrammed yourself with a millionaire mentality, sculpted powerful core values & gained clarity on your transformational core purpose
  • Week 2: The Exact Strategies I've Used To Generate a Never-Ending Supply of Leads & How To Cultivate Rejection-Proof Resilience
Never run out of leads again. I'm pulling back the curtain on my cold-marketing blueprint that have my prospects practically begging to sign up.

Even though these methods are incredibly powerful, it's inevitable that sometimes you will get rejected. You don't need me to tell you, but obviously rejection is unavoidable. 

However, by the end of this week's coaching, you'll have cultivated rejection-proof resilience; getting excited every time you hear the word "no".
  • Week 3: Advanced Inviting & Authority Strategies To Get High Quality People To See Your Opportunity - Even If They Hardly Know You
In this week's lesson, you'll discover how to more than double your show-up rate when inviting high-caliber professionals and business-people.

This includes; the #1 most powerful word in the invitation process. The 6 tiers of exposures. The 2-step invite, the 4-step invite, and how to immediately put yourself in a position of authority and exact word-for-word scripts. 
  • Week 4: The "Unfair Advantage" & Little-Known Presentation Selling Secret That I've Used To Close 1,000's of People As Well as How To Overcome The Top 3 Objections - Before They Even Come Up!  
Imagine being able to overcome 90% of objections BEFORE they even come up. You don't have to imagine because you'll know how to psychologically pre-frame your prospects so that they're practically begging to sign up after your presentation. 

Once you understand the #1 subconscious fear that stops people from getting started with you the easier it is to close someone. 
  • Week 5: The Advanced Human Psychology Of Objection Handling & Closing The Sale With Exact  Word-For-Word Scripts
Closing sales in network marketing is different than most other professions so it requires a whole new set of strategies most people have never even heard of. 

Luckily, it's really quite simple once you understand human psychology on a very deep level. Even better when you have exact word-for-word scripts. 

After this week in the program, you'll never have to worry about not knowing what to say to overcome an objection again. 
  • Week 6: The Duplication Systems That Get New Reps
    Into Action Immediately
So far in my career, I've closed 1000's of sales and have built an organization to 1M+ customers. With these scripts & duplication systems, you will never be worried about getting a new rep started again. 

You will discover how to get them psychologically aligned to you as a leader, indoctrinated FAST & inspired to take action immediately.
  • Week 7: How To Create A White Hot Fire of Desire In Yourself & Your Organization & The Simple Challenge I Used To Generate 2,000 Sales In ONE WEEK
Week 7 is where we take everything you've learned and use it to create massive momentum within your organization. You'll discover how I turned 300 personally recruited representatives into an organization of over 1.3 million customers. 

You'll know how to create a white hot fire of desire into yourself and into your organization, get my exact blueprint for promoting events, and word-for-word stories you can use to touch, move and inspire your organization. 

Finally, you'll understand the 10 laws of leadership and how to apply them into your business to create a powerful culture within your team with unstoppable momentum. 

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If You're Someone Who Takes Action Now, You'll Also Get These Amazing FREE Bonuses...


Blogging Secrets

(Value: 5,000)

I paid $5,000 & received six-months of coaching from arguably one of the biggest online influencers which led me to creating this gem. I'll show you exactly how I have used a blog to bring over 50,000 people to my site every month & how to create a never-ending supply of leads. 

If blogging seems hard, don't worry! I share the exact tools that I use to make it simple. 

Warning: What's simple to do is also simple not to do. This strategy can be incredibly powerful but ONLY if you're consistent. 


Hypnotic Selling Secrets

(Value: 10,000)

This is one of the MOST important lessons in the program if you have a desire to be an impactful presenter. In this lesson, you'll discover the exact hypnotic selling strategies I've used to close millions from stage and on webinars. 

These are powerful psychological triggers that move, impact, and inspire your prospects to take action & buy.  

I paid $10,000 in personal coaching for just a fraction of the secrets I'll be teaching you. I'm confident if you were to apply a just few of these advanced tactics shared in this one lesson, you'd be able to pay for Millionaire School many times over. 

The Total Value For Millionaire School 7-Week Intensive Program + Bonuses: $17,485


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Total Value: $17,485

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